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Your basement is often an overlooked and under-appreciated asset of your property. Whether you turn your basement into storage, a bar, movie theater, or something in-between, the floor plays a vital role in the makeup of your basement. Many people see an “unfinished” concrete floor and think they are left to dry. Our superior concrete systems allow you to transform your existing concrete substrate into a work of art that offers both beauty and functionality.

Our experienced and qualified staff has the tools to bring your floor to a more durable and aesthetically pleasing end result than you can possibly imagine. The sky’s the limit when you choose Capital Concrete Coatings as your basement coating provider.

We can transform:

We’ve improved hundreds of floors in the Great State of Maryland, and your pool deck can be our next upgrade!

A Durable Finish

The strength gained from a concrete coating is very cost effective. Your basement can see lots of wear and tear depending on the use. Whether there is constant foot traffic from storage, or miscellaneous spills from your current project. The concrete system applied to your basement floor will be able to keep detrimental components out, as well as establish even better structural properties as compared to concrete itself. Basements are often a source of build up. This build up could be of chemicals, water, or just space. A sealed, protective coating helps the concrete substrate maintain its original chemical makeup, and retain its intended strength. As chemicals and other unwanted materials penetrate the concrete, the floor begins to deteriorate at an accelerated pace. This results in cracks, delaminating, spalling, cracking, etc. Our superior concrete products withstand everything life throws at it. So you’ll know your floor is durable and strong to last for years on end.


Your floor can be as unique as you desire, because we offer a plethora of distinct looks. Whether you want a metallic epoxy system, which results in an almost marble look, or a flake system that brings matching colors to pop within your setting. Needless to say, the choice is yours for how to have your basement floor complement the entire room.

Slip-Resistant and Safe

A common misconception is that a shiny concrete floor is slippery. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, our concrete floors are installed with slip-resistant technology, so everyone is safe and sound walking around your floor. This is an extra plus if you have young kids running around your basement floor.

Great Look

Your new concrete floor won’t just have good functional use, but it offers an unmatched look. Concrete blows hardwood, tile, carpet, or any flooring option out of the water.
Best part, your floor will look good for a long time. It won’t stain, crack, or chip—unlike other floors. That’s the concrete difference.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of a concrete floor that doesn’t get discussed enough is how easy it is to maintain. Most floors require constant vacuuming, stain-removing, or mopping to look halfway decent. But with concrete, just the occasional sweeping and mopping will do the job to keep concrete’s shine prominent.

Property Value Increase

Any type of home improvement project offers an increase in property value. But choosing to invest with a nice, durable concrete floor goes a long way, especially in this housing market. It’s a transformation that’ll pay dividends when you resell your home down the road. It looks good, endures a lot, and pays you back eventually. Who wouldn’t want a new concrete floor for their basement?

Honesty, integrity, commitment, and satisfaction. Our company’s aligned on following these values for each and every project.

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Are you ready to improve your basement? A new concrete floor will provide unique durability, a personalized look for you and your home, and require less energy to maintain it than your current floor.

Contact our team today to get a free, customized quote for your basement concrete flooring project. We have experienced and caring team members ready to get started!


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