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For many homes and buildings, a pool is the focal point of the property. And no pool is whole, without a quality concrete protection system in place. Concrete surrounding pools see lots of wear and tear. The chemicals within the pool, the constantly high moisture levels, and the cyclical water submersion can all lead to advanced deterioration of the concrete.

The good news is that the team here at Capital Concrete Coating has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to elevate any aquatic environment to its intended glory. With years of experience, we have consistently delivered unparalleled quality and timely services.

We can transform :

We’ve improved hundreds of floors in the Great State of Maryland, and your pool deck can be our next upgrade!


The main reason for any protective concrete system is to prevent deterioration and prolong the life and beauty of the slab. With our various deck systems, your concrete will be protected, and sealed off from all the bad side effects associated with substrates surrounding a pool. Our coating systems will maintain and even enhance many of the structural properties of the concrete including compressive, and flexural strength.

Moisture Mitigation

The coatings will keep out moisture, which weakens concrete, often forming cracks and other structural problems. Also mold or other bacteria (such as algae) can form on the surface, resulting in unwanted health hazards and ugly spots. Also with water easily draining on a sealed surface, limits certain slip hazards often associated with pools.

Protection from Chemicals

Our systems also will keep any chemicals associated with pool water out as well. For example, chlorine is an acidic material, whereas strong concrete is alkaline or basic in nature. Therefore, extended exposure of chlorine, to where it penetrates your concrete, will also lead to advanced deterioration of the substrate. Other common chemicals utilized on pools can also be harmful such as bromine, cyanuric acid, and shocking agents.

Ultraviolet Protection

Our polyurethane/polyaspartic top coats allow for great UV protection and resistance. Other chemical topcoats often result in a phenomenon known as “yellowing”, where the degradation of the polymers is enhanced, weakening the durability of the coating and resulting in a yellow tint.

Not to mention, what the UV rays can do to the bottoms of your guests feet!. Many of our coatings are able to dissipate the heat directed at the concrete from the sun. We utilize certain materials that result in close to 40% heat reduction, when properly installed.

Customizable for You

Our team is capable of a wide variety of customization based on your pool’s needs. If you have a certain color you would like to match, our suppliers offer many color options, as well dye packets to hone in on your exact preference.

Also, certain degrees of friction can be explored as well. If a lot of grip is a strong concern for you, a higher degree of grit can be broadcasted into your system. Along the same lines, certain aggregates can be thrown into the concrete system as well to offer more eccentric flooring systems, such as quartz, or flake. Resulting in an eye-popping display of colors.

Low Maintenance

These deck systems result in an easily maintained system. Easing the burden on you or your cleaning crew. The sealed system allows for materials to easily wash off, and can be cleaned with typical cleansing agent solutions if neccesary. Helping you spend your time enjoying the pool, not cleaning it.

Backed by Warranty

All of our protection systems are backed by our 15 year limited warranty. Ensuring your system will be worth your investment, or we will make it!

Simple Process

As with any concrete protection system installation, the process starts with preparation of existing concrete. This involves removing the top weak layers of the concrete through mechanical preparation techniques such as diamond grinding, shot-blasting, etc.
The surface is then cleaned and wiped free of any contaminants. Then a variety of layers are applied one by one to the surface, depending on your needs and degrees of protection required.

Honesty, integrity, commitment, and satisfaction. Our company’s aligned on following these values for each and every project.

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