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Get Concrete Countertops for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen just might be the most important room in your entire home. It’s where conversations with friends occur, the family comes together to share a meal, and your own personal sanctuary when you need a midnight snack.

Not only does a kitchen offer the most functionality, but it also needs to have a great look. Modern appliances, a nice dining table, complimentary cabinets, etc. But what about your countertops? How can you make those be the real attention-grabber out of your whole kitchen?

We can transform:

We’ve improved hundreds of floors in the Great State of Maryland, and your pool deck can be our next upgrade!

Concrete countertops are growing in popularity among the rise of home improvements projects. They provide superb functionality while also looking great. Capital Concrete Coatings offers completely customizable countertop solutions for your kitchen. We’re confident it’s an investment you won’t regret!


The biggest benefit about concrete countertops is that they’re customizable to your home and situation. Everyone wants their kitchen, and their home, to be unique to them in some way. Our countertops offer the possibility of a personalized area that no one on your street has. Better yet, you can tailor the countertop to fit and complement your home just how you’d like. Other boilerplate countertops don’t offer a lot of imagination for your kitchen. Break out of the mold and secure your customized countertop.


It’s no surprise that concrete is durable. More importantly, Capital Concrete Coatings offers only the most durable product for you. Your countertops can encounter a lot any given day. Cutting fruit, glasses falling or even breaking, keys and other objects sliding across, you get the point. You need a countertop to withstand anything that might happen in the kitchen. Concrete is the most durable application available for your kitchen. It’s reinforced with glass fibers to be exceptionally strong and lightweight. This means your concrete countertop won’t scratch, stain, or chip. It’ll stay intact to keep you and your dinner guests happy (and in awe).


If concrete is installed properly and maintained correctly, it can last as low as 10 years and as long as 20 years. Concrete countertops blow the competition out of the water. The best part is that these countertops even look great and don’t scratch all while lasting over a decade.

Improves Your Property Value

If you’re a homeowner, you know that projects to fix your kitchen offer the best return on investment in terms of resale value. Everyone wants their dream kitchen, and a concrete countertop is a big step in the right direction. Deciding to make this upgrade will only pay off dividends down the road.

Easy Maintenance

Because the kitchen gets so much traction, it can also be the dirtiest room in the house. Dishes, sweeping, mopping, and more—who has time for it all? You can make your cleaning life a little bit easier with concrete countertops. They don’t stain or scratch, so a simple wipe down brings them back to their shiny, sparkly appearance.

Countertops for Wherever

You don’t have to stop imagining things in your kitchen. Concrete countertops can be for wherever you’d like in your home. You can upgrade the bathroom, living room, or outdoor entertaining area with a concrete countertop. Our team is happy to help you transform your home with a concrete countertop anywhere you’d like. With concrete like ours, the possibilities are endless!

Our Process

Just as we know the kitchen is arguably the most-used room in your house, we know that you don’t have time to waste for it to be improved. That’s why Capital Concrete Coatings has a model that takes just one or two days. We use a fast-curing product and have mastered our process to be as efficient as possible.

Honesty, integrity, commitment, and satisfaction. Our company’s aligned on following these values for each and every project.

Why Choose Capital Concrete Coatings?

Honesty, integrity, commitment, and satisfaction. Our company’s aligned on following these values for each and every project. You won’t find quality like our product and service matched with the affordability and care we offer.

Get a Quote Today to Upgrade Your Countertop

Want to improve your kitchen? Or maybe your bathroom, dining room, or outdoor seating area? Then contact Capital Concrete Coatings today for a free estimate for your beautiful and functional concrete countertop. Our professionals are more than eager to transform your home!


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